Do we need cheap escorts?

There is a bit of discussion going on in London at the moment between gents who enjoy the services of escorts. The question is; do we really need cheap escorts? Escorts prices in London have totally spiraled out of control, and it is now really difficult to find cheap escorts. Lots of the top London escort agencies presume that gents have an infinite amount of money to spend on escorts, but is this actually true. We do decided to speak to some gents who date escorts on a regular basis, to see what they have to say about this pressing matter.

Alan from Chiswick

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cheap london escorts from chiswick

I have dated escorts ever since I got divorced, and to me it is nice to have some female companionship. The truth is that getting a divorce is really expensive, and at the age of 55, I have lost my home and part of me pension. It is a bit like starting allover again for me, and it is financially very tough. Finding cheap escorts in London is hard, but I do not know what I would if I could not date cheap escorts. Trusting a woman again is going to be hard for me, and is perhaps the most compelling reason, I date cheap escorts.

When I first split up with my wife I started to date VIP escorts, but I soon realized that my divorce was going to cost me a fortune. It just wasn’t sustainable, and I ended up seeking out cheap escorts services in London. It was easier said than done, but there are cheaper services out there if you look around. I have to say that I enjoy dating the girls that I meet on a regular basis and that I do have lots of fund. Some gents may think that cheap escorts are not as good as VIP girls, but I beg to differ.

Steven from Mayfair on cheap escorts

Yes, I have dated some cheap escorts in other parts of London. Here in Mayfair, it can be rather expensive to date, and during the summer time, prices really increase. The problem is that we have lots of wealthy visitors to London during the summer time, and this is what causes prices to spike. Personally, I simply cannot afford to date in Mayfair during the summer time, so I date in other parts of London. All of London is pretty expensive, but there are still places where you can find more escorts services which are a bit more reasonable.

You really need to get a bit “jiggy with it” and start looking around places like the old east London, what is often referred to as the East End. Also, you should check out places such as north London. Romford, Barking and Ilford are all good, and there are plenty of cheap escorts in these areas. Many of the girls who work as escorts in north London, are new to escorting and are trying to kick start their careers. I find that they make excellent companions, and I have really enjoyed my dates in north London. the transport links are excellent and it is easy to get there. 

Nick from south London

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cheap london escorts from South London

I just can’t believe the amount of escorts agencies that we have in London. With that kind of competition, you would have thought there would be plenty of cheap escorts around, but there isn’t. Escorting is a very lucrative business here in London, and lots of people are making the most of it. I have to say that there used to be more cheap escort services before so many foreigners got involved in the business. Now, you will find that it is not only the escorts who are from abroad, a lot of the owners are as well. The truth is that I feel a lot of these new start agencies have driven up the prices, and this is one of the reasons, it is so hard to find cheap escorts in London these days. 

If you are looking for cheap escorts in south London, you do really need to look at areas such as Clapham or Brixton. There is now way you are going to find cheap services in places like Kingston or Richmond. The prices there are just as much out of control as they are in the center of London, and I now date mainly in Brixton. Mind you, I don’t mind, lots of hot Black girls in this part of town.

Tony on cheap escorts

This debate about cheap escorts in London has been going on for months. Some gents say that cheap escorts services in London are rubbish but I have to disagree. During the last couple of months, I have sort of made it my business to date all over London, and I have tried both cheap and VIP London escorts services. The dates that I have had with cheap escort girls in London, have on many occasions been as hot and sexy, as the ones that I have had with VIP escorts. 

I think the services that cheaper London escorts offer are just as good as VIP escorts, and I am sure most gents would find that, if they dated around a bit. The fact is that it is all to easy to presume that cheaper escorts services are not going to be any good, but I have always enjoyed them. Yes, you have to date out of the center of London, but isn’t everything there overpriced? The truth is that center of London is expensive, and you will always get better value for money in other parts of London. 

Some gents will always prefer to date VIP London escorts, but I am going to stick to cheap escort services in the future, says Tony. All of the ladies that I have met on my escapades around London, have been really hot and sexy and I am sure most gents would find exactly the same thing. There is nothing wrong with cheaper services, it is just a mind set thing. I don’t need a fancy glass of Champagne to enjoy a good date, and most gents probably feel exactly the same way.